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Price: 40.0 | Trading Volume: 89 | All trading offers and prices for “Zephyr Prime Set”

價格: 40.0 | 交易數量: 3 | 所有 “Zephyr Prime Set” 的訂單和價格

Release Date: March 20th, 2018 Zephyr Prime is the Primed variant of Zephyr, featuring higher armor, energy capacity, and sprint speed, as well as an additional and polarities. Zephyr Prime was released alongside Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime.

Price: 30.0 | Trading Volume: 10 | All trading offers and prices for “Zephyr Prime Set”

Prix: 50.0 | Volume d’échange: 79 | Annonces d’achats et de ventes pour “Zephyr Prime Set”

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22/11/2018 · Changed my video style a bit. Hope you guy liked it :3 ==== CLICK SHOW MORE FOR MORE INFO ==== Hey guys! Welcome back into another video, and today I’m going to show you guys my Zephyr Prime builds. There

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13/3/2018 · Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, Kronen Prime, Commodore Prime. Social Links